Sebastiana, Saniy, Jazae, & Sabastian

25 Sep

Sebastiana, Saniy, Jazae, & Sabastain


Sebastiana is a very energetic, high energy girl. She loves anything girly. She enjoys cheerleading and reading. If she could be any superhero, Sebastiana would be superwoman. When she grows up, Sebastiana wants to be a teacher.

Saniy is a respectful and good-mannered child. She tends to be motherly to younger children. She enjoys dancing and cheering. Saniy wants to be a teacher when she grows up. If Saniy could invent anything she would invent a car that runs on water!

Jazae is a very sweet, soft-spoken girl. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves playing on electronics. Jazae likes dressing up and playing tea party. When Jazae grows up she wants to be a doctor.

Sebastian is an active, energetic young boy. He loves getting lots of attention. Sebastian loves playing video games as well as basketball. When he grows up he wants to become a teacher so he can teach children and make them feel safe.
Do you think you could make room for these kids in your family?

Please contact Wanda Washington at 318-362-3446 or Sholanda Ellis at 318-362-4553 or 318-362-5417 if you are interested in these kids or for more info about adoption.

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