Myshella & Michade

25 Sep

Myshella & Michade



Myshella is a friendly and outgoing young lady. She likes to serve others. Myshella likes cheering and basketball. Her favorite movies are comedies. Myshella’s favorite genre of music is R&B. Myshella loves spending time with people. She keeps a smile on her face. Do you think Myshella could fit into your family?

Michade is a quiet and timid young man. He loves all sorts of sports including basketball, football, and baseball. Michade enjoys listening to all types of music. If he had a million dollars, he said he would buy a house. Could Michade fit into your family?

Please contact Wanda Washington at 318-362-3446 or Bonnie Barker at 318-362-3199 or 318-362-5417 if you are interested in Myshella & Michade or for more info about adoption.

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