Laila & Lanasia

25 Sep

Laila & Lanasia


Laila is a very active girl. She loves playing hide and seek outside as well as playing basketball. Laila’s favorite subject in school is math. When she grows up, Laila wants to be a doctor or firefighter. Could Laila be the right fit for your family?

Lanasia loves playing ping pong and watching t.v. Her favorite subject in school is math. If Lanaisa could invent anything she would invent a robot dog to play with. Lanasia wants to be a police officer when she grows up so she can help keep people safe. Would Lanasia fit into your family?

Please contact Wanda Washington at 318-362-3446 or Bonnie Barker at 318-362-3199 or 318-362-5417 if you are interested in Laila & Lanasia or for more info about adoption.

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