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Blank Spaces

30 Jan


wall blankWe recently found out that 3 of the children being featured in the Heart Gallery have been placed in adoptive homes!  This is super exciting for us but we cant help feeling a litlle sad everytime we look over at our wall of pictures and realize we aren’t going to see their sweet faces every day.  I do hope there is a day when we look over and the entire wall is empty so that  we will be able to post and tell you all that all of our children have been adopted!  Two of the children have been featured in the Heart Gallery for several years and we can not begin to express how elated we are that they have found an adoptive home and their journey through foster care is almost over! 

La Baptist Children’s Home Heart Gallery Showing

13 Nov

We set up the Heart Gallery at the La. Baptist Children’s Home on November 8, 2012.  Ms. Beth Green from the Children’s Home informed prospective adoptive parents about the different types of adoption and the pros and cons for each one.  Several people spoke at the event, including a family that had adopted a child internationally, as well as an adopted teenage girl.  We were really excited because several families took information on two of the children that we featured  in the Heart Gallery!

Welcome to Our New Website!

5 Nov

We’re so excited to present to you our brand new website! We hope you find it informative about all we do at The Heart Gallery.  Here’s a little breakdown of the site that will help you navigate, but please feel free to explore any way you choose.

Current Children

Our new online gallery is state of the art.  Click on one of the children and easily flip through the gallery, reading a brief biography about each child as you go.  The gallery is always up-to-date and highlights children who are freed for adoption and ready to find a new loving home!


Our “Adoption” page will help answer your questions about the children in our gallery and what adoption would look like for them.

How to Help

The main goal of the Heart Gallery is to find wonderful families for these children; however, it takes a team of volunteers to help do that.  Check out the “How to Help” page to find out the different way to be involved, like photographing the children, doing their hair, interviewing them, and more!

We hope you find this website helpful no matter who you are.  Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information about The Heart Gallery of Northeast LA, getting involved, and of course adopting one of these amazing kids by calling 398-0945.  If you enjoy the site and find it informative, be sure to share it with your friends!

Thanks for your support of the Heart Gallery of Northeast Louisiana!