Where are the children waiting for adoption?

Some of the children live with foster care families, in foster care group homes, in residential treatment facilities, due to any special medical needs, but none of the children are living with their birth families or relatives.

Have all legal ties to their birth parents been terminated?

All children photo-listed are considered “legally-free”. This means that a court has determined the rights of the parents to be legally terminated and freed the child for adoption.

Why are the children living in foster care?

The reasons may include death or permanent, total incapacity of the parent(s), and no relatives available to care for the child(ren). A child or sibling group may have been legally removed from the birth family for reasons of neglect, or where physical, sexual or emotional abuse is proved. When the children cannot be returned to the family and be properly protected and cared for, the legal rights of the parents are terminated by a court and a permanent living situation for the child(ren) is sought. If suitable relatives are not able to care for them, adoption by a non-relative is the next, best alternative.

What do the children need or expect?

The children are real, unique, personalities who need love, understanding and, above all, acceptance. Each child is an individual. What one child expects, or hopes for, may be quite different from another. Many children really don’t know what to expect. Their experience of family life may have been neglectful, abusive or hurtful. What all children hope, deep down, is that any family with whom they are placed will care about them, be patient and accept them for who they are and demonstrate love and tender affection.

What is the cost of adoption? Can I receive any assistance to adopt? What are the tax implications?

The cost of adoption through a public state agency is nominal. Adoption assistance is available in different forms including tax credits.

For more information about one of the children featured in the gallery, please contact Wanda Washington at 362-3446.

2 Responses to “Adoption”

  1. Jessica February 12, 2017 at 10:26 am #

    We live in Florida how hard is it to adopt through another state such as yours

    Also in the state of Florida they aren’t given free college is that the case in your state and does it still apply to them if they are adopted by a family from another state

    • CASA of Northeast Louisiana March 13, 2017 at 8:40 am #

      Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your interest in our children. You are able to adopt from Louisiana, however I’m unsure on the exact process. Please contact Wanda Washington @ 318-362-3446 or for more accurate information. I am also unsure about your question about college. Ms. Washington could better answer any of your questions regarding this and adoption. Thanks again for your interest!

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